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This is a great place to keep up on current happenings at Thorne Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning. At Thorne, we feel it is a great thing to reach out to the community and make donations to good causes. Below are a couple of thank you letters that we have received.

Dear Mike Thorne,

On behalf of the Foundation Auction Committee, I want to thank you for your business donation. Part of the money was used to buy a kindle and 50′ television to use in the live auction and because we had a very positive response with numerous live auction items, the remainder of the business donations went directly into the foundation. Thanks to your donation along with others, we were able to add over $14,000 to the foundation with this endeavor.


Grace United Methodist Church

2012 Muskingum Valley Garden Society

Dear Mr. Thorne,

Thank you for your donation of the red kneeling cushion for our door prize drawing. Your generosity helped make the Ninth Annual “Spring Fever” Home Gardening Symposium a success again this year. Please accept a very special and sincere thank you from all of us at the Muskingum Valley Garden Society.

Warmest regards,

Karen Lee